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DUI Defense Attorney San Francisco

If you have been arrested for DUI, you will have to deal with both the criminal justice system and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A drunk driving arrest is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with by an experienced attorney. The charge of driving under the influence actually consists of two charges: V.C. 23152(a) “driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or both)” and V.C. 23152(b) “driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher.”

Most DUIs are misdemeanors punishable by incarceration, fines, license suspension, and installation of the ignition interlock device. However, your DUI may be considered and charged as a felony if you have a history of driving under the influence or are accused of causing an accident that resulted in injuries or fatalities. If you are convicted of even a first-offense DUI, you will have a criminal record, higher insurance premiums, and possible employment issues after completing your sentence.

San Francisco DUI Attorney Sam Salhab will attack every aspect of the prosecution’s case — beginning with the probable cause for your arrest and the accuracy of the Breathalyzer and/or blood test. We will also represent you at your DMV hearing and 1) attempt to preserve your driving privilege and 2) gather additional evidence that would otherwise be unavailable through court proceedings.

Our office has successfully litigated hundreds of DUI cases with excellent results, varying from first-time offenders to DUIs involving injury and/or fatalities. We truly care about our clients and will do our best to reduce or even eliminate criminal and/or DUI charges against them.

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